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Ph.D. Student in Osnabrück/Germany

16 October 2017

Ph.D. Student in Osnabrück/Germany

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For the preparation of a collaborative interdisciplinary research project, the Institute of Biology and the Institute of Psychology of the University of Osnabrück invite applications for a Scientific Research Assistant (Salary: 13 TV-L, 50 %)

The position is available on a part-time (50 %) basis at the earliest time-point and covers 3 years.

The main task is to work on a collaborative grant proposal addressing „Psychological and biological aspects of explicit and implicit memory under environmental and habitual constraints: a translational perspective“ via both, organizational work and own interdisciplinary empirical work.

Description of responsibilities:
• Substantial active contribution during preparation of the above-listed interdisciplinary grant proposal, involving research groups from the Faculty of Biology and Psychology, specifically: Institute of Biology: Neurobiology: R. Brandt/ L. Bakota; Behavioral Biology: C. Touma. Institute of Psychology: Experimental Psychology I: T. Gruber; Differential Psychology and Personality Research, R. Osinsky; and Experimental Psychology II and Biological Psychology: U. Stockhorst
• Designing, conducting and publishing of own empirical work in the interdisciplinary setting, while working at both institutes, Biology and Psychology
• Organizational and management duties supporting the collaborative efforts of the research groups mentioned above
• The successful candidate is expected to work towards a PhD or – in case of Postdoc position – towards further scientific qualification within the interdisciplinary setting:

Required qualifications:
• Master´s degree, diploma, or doctoral dissertation in Biology, Psychology, Cognitive Science or a comparable discipline

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Closing date:
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Contract length:
3 years
Universität Osnabrück
Psychiatry, Neurobiology and Behavioral Biology

Contact Information

Roland Brandt
Department of Neurobiology, University of Osnabrück, Barbarastr. 11, 49076 Osnabrück, Germany

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