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Post-doctoral position in Biberach an der Riß/Germany

21 December 2017

Post-doctoral position in Biberach an der Riß/Germany

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Biberach an der Riß/Germany


For the CNS Discovery Research we are looking for a post-doc with experience in CNS histology and physiology. You are highly motivated with strong neuroscience background and excellent communication skills to investigate innovative therapeutic strategies for reversion of psychiatric neuropathologies?

You are also interested in explore structural and functional neuropathologies in animal models linked to psychiatric disorders as well as intervention strategies aimed to foster molecular resilience mechanisms?

Tasks & responsibilities
- As Post Doc you will be responsible to identify and access pre-clinical animal models linked to psychiatric indications and assess specific pathologies.
- Furthermore, you will independently setup and execute experiments with focus on detection of gray matter deficits by means of synapse and spine density and neurite arborization. In collaboration with experts, you will explore aberrant neuronal network synchrony based on molecular and electrophysiological markers.
- The primary aim of your work will be to validate in vivo neuropathology models and explore novel therapeutic concepts aimed at prevention of psychiatric indications such as schizophrenia.
- You will present your results at internal and external meetings and publish in peer-reviewed journals.
- You will work in a stimulating environment, in collaboration with experts in the field and be part of interdisciplinary teams involving cellular and molecular neurobiologists, electrophysiologists and pharmacologists.

- PhD degree in Biology or related field and expert knowledge in neurobiology
- Extensive hands-on experience in immunohisto- and protein biochemistry
- Solid understanding of neurophysiology and molecular biology
- Demonstrated track record of publications in scientific journals
- Ability to work in a drug discovery oriented environment with multidisciplinary teams

Job Information

Contract length:
2 years
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG

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Denise Schwegler

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