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Professor in Leuven/Belgium

08 January 2018

Professor in Leuven/Belgium

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The Department of Neurosciences at KULeuven is looking for a candidate (m/f) with an excellent research profile. The selected candidate belongs to the Neurophysiology Research Group.
The appointed candidate develops an independent research program, pursues excellent scientific results of the highest international level, and expands the local, national and international research collaborations of the Research Group Neurophysiology. The focus of the research is on neuroscience research, of which the translation of knowledge obtained in non human primates to humans represents an important part. The research program should increase the knowledge of the neural mechanisms of human perception and cognitive processes, ultimately aspiring to improve the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of brain diseases.Expertise in 2-or 3-photon imaging is an added value.

Candidates must hold a PhD in psychology, medical, biomedical, biological, engineering or natural sciences. Candidates are expected to have an excellent research track and provide excellent education as to contribute to the quality of the Neuroscience Department in the field of research and education. The research quality must be apparent from publications in international journals and recommendations from international experts in the field of neurophysiology.
The assignment of the candidate also includes an important teaching assignment in the Group of Biomedical Sciences. More specifically, the candidate is expected to teach neuroscience courses at the bachelor, master and graduate level. Some courses are taught in English, others in Dutch. Before teaching courses in Dutch or English, you will be given the opportunity to learn Dutch respectively English to the required standard.

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