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Post-doctoral position in Oslo/Norway

17 January 2018

Post-doctoral position in Oslo/Norway

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Postdoc positions in Neuroscience are available in the lab of Associate Professor Koen Vervaeke ( The positions are initially funded for a period of 2 years and can be extended. The starting date is flexible but preferably between May-September 2018.

We are searching for candidates that are interested in cortical circuits. There are two research programs in the lab; Memory and spatial representations in the retrosplenial cortex, and somatosensation in the barrel cortex. We study behaviour and neural activity in trained rodents using custom-build two-photon microscopes, optogenetics, and in-vivo patch clamp electrophysiology. There are three specific projects; 1) Two-photon Bessel beam Ca2+ imaging of spines and dendrites during behaviour, 2) In-vivo patch-clamp or extracellular recording during spatial navigation, and 3) Data analysis of behaviour and neural population activity.

During the fellowship, candidates with a strong track record will be prepared to apply for a Young Researcher Grant from the Norwegian Research Council, to start their own junior group once the fellowship is finished.

We are an interdisciplinary lab looking for candidates from different backgrounds. Candidates must have a proven track record of publications in neuroscience, and should have experience with some of the following disciplines; Electrophysiology, microscopy, optogenetics, data analysis and machine learning, or computational neuroscience. The candidates should be handy, have good programming skills (eg. Matlab/LabVIEW), excel in logical and critical thinking, should be team players and contribute to a positive and optimistic lab atmosphere. Applicants must hold a PhD degree or be close to obtaining their degree.

To apply, please sent your motivation letter and CV to

We offer:
• Salary level NOK 486.100 - 567.100 NOK (50.000-59.000 euros) per year.
• Attractive pension and welfare benefits

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Contract length:
3 years
University of Oslo

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Koen Vervaeke
Sognsvannveien 9, 0372 Oslo, Norway

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