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Ph.D. Student in Vienna/Austria

06 February 2018

Ph.D. Student in Vienna/Austria

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This PhD position forms part of a new research program on prosocial behaviour in domestic animals, with an emphasis on positive welfare states and underlying neurophysiological mechanisms. The project will combine fundamental research on understanding the contextual modulation of prosocial behaviours, their neurobiological mechanisms and their practical implications for animal welfare in farm animals (pig, cattle/goat or poultry), supported by a multi-disciplinary approach (behaviour, physiology, neuroscience) and a dynamic team. The work will be conducted in English, and will require travel for on-farm experiments. The starting date is negotiable.
Please submit to the email address listed below a letter addressing the selection criteria below (necessary knowledge and qualifications, desired skills and abilities) in 2 to 3 pages, a full CV, a list of three references, and a letter of motivation describing your research interests, experience and goals.< br >Necessary knowledge and qualifications:< br >A Bachelor or Master in a relevant area of biology or equivalent degree< br >An understanding and past experience in animal behaviour research< br >< br >Desired skills and abilities: < br >Experience in behavioural data collection and data analysis< br >Knowledge of neuroscience research techniques< br >Knowledge of statistical analysis< br >Ability to conduct research relatively independently< br >Evidence of initiative and persistence< br >Publications would be a plus.< br >< br >Minimum salary:< br >The minimum salary for university staff is regulated by the collective contract and at the level given above amounts to EUR 2,096 gross per month (× 14 months/year, equal to EUR 29,344 gross yearly). The minimum salary may be increased when previous employment and other salary components are taken into account.< br >< br >Applications: < br >Please submit applications quoting the reference number 2018/0214 via e-mail to .

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3 years
University of Veterinary Medicine
Institute of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare

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Univ.-Prof. Jean-Loup Rault
University of Veterinary Medicine
Veterinärplatz 1
1210 Vienna

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