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Post-doctoral position in Bristol/UK

06 February 2018

Post-doctoral position in Bristol/UK

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We are looking for a self-motivated and talented junior scientist to study the cell biological mechanisms that underlie the regulation of protein translation in dendrites via micro RNAs (miRNAs) in response to neuronal stimulation. The project will build on our recent discovery that activity-dependent phosphorylation of Argonaute 2 (Ago2) regulates the local translation of specific mRNAs and is required for structural and functional plasticity (manuscript under revision).

The position will be based in the laboratory of Jonathan Hanley, and will involve molecular and biochemical approaches, proteomics, and cell imaging techniques to study miRNA activity, local protein synthesis, cell signalling, protein-protein interactions and dendritic spine morphology in neuronal cell culture models of synaptic plasticity and/or neurodegnerative disease. The project will also develop tools for studying these phenomena in vivo, and the project involves collaboration with Prof. Jack Mellor and Dr. Michael Ashby at the University of Bristol.

Further information about our research can be found on the Hanley lab website:

Applicants must have a PhD with relevant lab experience, and are expected to have at least one 1st author article published in a reputable peer reviewed journal.

Please submit a cover letter, CV and the names of at least two referees to

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Contract length:
3 years
University of Bristol
School of Biochemistry

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Jonathan Hanley
School of Biochemistry,
University of Bristol
+44(0)117 3311944

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