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Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

06 February 2018

Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

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The laboratory of Dr. Judit Makara in the Institute of Experimental Medicine (Hungarian Academy of Sciences), Budapest, Hungary invites applications for two postdoctoral fellow positions.

The lab studies the principles of synaptic integration, dendritic processing and input-output operations in hippocampal neurons, with the goal to understand how these cellular mechanisms endow the hippocampal circuit to perform various computations during navigation and learning. We employ diverse experimental techniques including patch clamp electrophysiology, two-photon imaging and optical stimulation techniques. New projects, funded by HHMI and ERC grants, aim to combine in vitro and in vivo imaging, electrophysiology and optogenetics to investigate synaptic and dendritic functions in hippocampal neurons in behaving rodents.
Applicants are expected to have a Ph.D. in neuroscience or related field. Experience in electrophysiology and/or fluorescent microscopy techniques, or engineering/programming skills are preferred. We are looking for motivated and creative candidates with critical thinking and good work ethics.
The positions are open immediately and are offered initially for one year with the possibility of extension for up to five years. Competitive salary is commensurate with skills and level of experience. Please email applications (including CV, short statement of motivation and names and email addresses of three references) to

Judit Makara (

Laboratory of Neuronal Signaling
Institute of Experimental Medicine
43 Szigony Str., Budapest 1083, Hungary

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Institute of Experimental Medicine

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Judit Makara
43 Szigony Str., Budapest 1083, Hungary
0036 12109400

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