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Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

01 March 2018

Post-doctoral position in Budapest/Hungary

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We are currently looking for a postdoctoral candidate at the Institute of Experimental Medicine, Budapest who is interested in the investigation of the electrical signaling in small axon terminals in the dentate gyrus region. To understand the contribution of axonal mechanisms to specific physiological functions the laboratory employs direct patch clamp electrophysiology, voltage-imaging, calcium-imaging, detailed morphological analysis and realistic simulations.

The successful candidate should have strong experience with either in vitro patch clamp electrophysiology or single neuron optical imaging methods. In addition to good experimental skills with these techniques, strong determination and meticulous working attitude are the most important expected personal qualifications.

The position will be available from April 2018 with flexible starting date. The funding for the competitive salary is supported from an ERC grant. Albeit the position is primarily for postdoctoral fellows, applications from pre-docs are also welcomed if the candidate has exceptionally strong background and knowledge with the specific methods.
More information about the research group is available at and for additional details about the position please write to

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Institute of Experimental Medicine, Hungarian Academy of Sciences

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János Szabadics
Szigony utca 43

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