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Executive Director, The International Brain Bee (IBB) in -/USA

05 March 2018

Executive Director, The International Brain Bee (IBB) in -/USA

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Flexible location/USA


The Executive Director will serve as the chief staff executive of the International Brain Bee (IBB).The Executive Director reports directly to the Board of Directors and will implement the IBB mission of inspiring and motivating young students to learn more about neuroscience, neurology, psychology, and other brain related professions, and any other related charitable and educational programs and activities, in accordance with the strategic direction and policies established by the IBB Board.

Mission and Programming:

Manage the planning, implementation and evaluation of the annual International Brain Bee competition and other Brain Bee activities.
Monitor the day-to-day delivery of the programs of the IBB to maintain or improve quality.
Proactively develop plans that ensure the IBB is able to continue fulfilling its mission in the future.


Collaborate with the Board in creating a vision and strategic plan to guide the IBB into the future.
Act as a spokesperson for the organization, in consultation with the Chair of the IBB Board.
Advise and report to the Board on all aspects of IBB activities.
Positively represent the IBB to organizations and the public at relevant events and through all communications.


Prepare and recommend an annual budget for Board approval.
Develop, implement and maintain sound financial policies, procedures and practices for the IBB.
Develop, recommend and carry out fundraising strategies to support the IBB's mission.


Establish operations at the IBB that meet the expectations of all stakeholders.
Serve as the primary point of contact for Brain Bee coordinators.
Provide staff support as appropriate for committees and working groups appointed by the Board.

Initially, the position will be half-time, but is expected to grow to full-time within one year as funding permits. Location is flexible, and the Executive Director may work out of a home office, or other location. Some domestic and international travel is required.

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The International Brain Bee (IBB)

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Marty Saggese, Interim Executive Director

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