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Post-doctoral position in New York/USA

12 March 2018

Post-doctoral position in New York/USA

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New York/USA


The function of paradoxical (REM) sleep (PS) is still a mystery although recent converging evidence indicates that it plays a crucial role in learning and memory consolidation (Boyce et al. 2016; Ravassard et al. 2016). Importantly in that regard, PH Luppi’s “Sleep” team (University of Lyon, CRNL, France) recently demonstrated that the dentate gyrus (DG) is the only cortical region that displays more activated neurons during PS hypersomnia than waking (Renouard et al. 2015). Based on these results, they made the hypothesis that the activation during PS of DG granule cells plays a crucial role in memory consolidation. The objective of the team is now to determine using calcium imaging the activity across the three vigilance states of the DG neurons in basal condition and after the exposure of the animals to learning tasks. The team is looking for a postdoctoral candidate to pursue these experiments. The experiments will be conducted during two years in René Hen’s laboratory at Columbia University, New York. Indeed, his lab masters dentate gyrus manipulations and calcium imaging which they already used to study the activity of hippocampal cells (Jimenez et al., 2018; Danielson et al. 2016). The “Sleep” team of P.H. Luppi will bring to the project his knowledge on EEG and EMG recordings and sleep analysis.

Boyce R et al. 2016. Causal evidence for the role of REM sleep theta rhythm in contextual memory consolidation. Science 352:812-816.
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Renouard L. et al. 2015. The supramammillary nucleus and the claustrum activate the cortex during REM sleep. Science Advances 1.

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2 years
Columbia University
Depts of Neuroscience, Psychiatry, and Pharmacology

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Pierre-Hervé Luppi
7-11 Rue Guillaume Paradin

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