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Ph.D. Student in MARSEILLE/France

13 March 2018

Ph.D. Student in MARSEILLE/France

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A major goal of neuroscience is to understand how circuits of neurons process sensory information and subserve complex cognitive functions such as for instance social behavior. We propose a project for identifying and classifying cell types present in the brain. Our method will focus on postnatal olfactory neurogenesis and hippocampal CA2 that are involved in social interest and social memory, respectively. Of note, CA2 dysfunction is correlated with schizophrenia. We will exploit successfully implemented developments in RNA sequencing to characterize gene expression profiles on these cell types at high throughput. This information will be used to carefully classify individual cells based on their transcriptome fingerprints. Genes found to define new neuronal subtypes will be used to gain genetic access to these cells, using Cas9/CRISPR-mediated genome engineering to create reporter vectors. This work will increase our knowledge of cells and circuits essential to social behavior and involved in psychiatric disorders.
We seek a PhD student with a background in biology, preferably in neuroscience or molecular biology. Such a background will allow him/her to efficiently conduct the wet lab part of the project. He needs to become rapidly familiar with neurobiology concepts such as adult neurogenesis and social behavior networks, and with challenging techniques such as single cell isolation, Cas9-CRISPR technology and mouse transgenics. This wet lab part will be supervised by Dr. de Chevigny at INMED.
Strong interest and if possible good bases in Python or R coding, statistics and computational biology is mandatory to allow analyzing the massive transcriptomics data. Dr. Bianca Habermann at IBDM will supervise the student for this part, and will teach him all the background and knowledge required to integrate meaningful information, using unbiased clustering based on principal component analyses among other methods.

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3 years

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Antoine De Chevigny
Campus de Luminy
13009 Marseille
+ 33 6 31 58 73 73

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