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Post-doctoral position in Bielefeld/Germany

07 June 2018

Post-doctoral position in Bielefeld/Germany

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3-year Postdoctoral position in auditory and multisensory neuroimaging studies.

The Department for Cognitive Neuroscience is dedicated to understanding the integration of sensory information in the brain. Our studies use state of the art EEG imaging, combined with eyetracking, psychophysical paradigms, and substantive quantitative data analysis to better understand when and how the brain transforms sensory information into a conscious percept. Further details about our research can be found here

The positions involve all aspects of study design, implementation, data collection, data analysis and the write up of results. Contributions to the supervision of student projects or the preparation of practical courses are also expected.

Applicants should have a background (incl. doctoral degree) in neuroscience, cognitive science, psychology, mathematics, or a relevant discipline. The ideal applicant will have a strong analytical background and direct experience using MATLAB. Applicants should have enthusiasm, and a clear, demonstrable capacity for acquiring expertise in these techniques. Being fluent in German is considered a major advantage.

The position is initially funded for 3 years starting ideally around September 2018, at Germany salary grades TV-L E13.

Further information and the official advert in German can be found here:

Application deadline is July 16th. Interested candidates please contact Christoph Kayser < >

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3 years
University Bielefeld
Cognitive Neuroscience

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Christoph Kayser
Bielefeld University

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