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Technician in North Chicago/USA

07 June 2018

Technician in North Chicago/USA

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North Chicago/USA


Research Assistant in the neuroscience laboratory of Dr. Joanna Dabrowska with focus on neurobiology of defensive behavior, including fear and anxiety-like behavior. Specifically, research projects involve the role of neuropeptides like oxytocin and corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) in discrete brain regions in regulation of the defensive and affective behaviors following stress exposure (please see for more details). The laboratory utilizes a variety of state-of-the art research techniques, from immunofluorescence with confocal microscopy for mapping specific neuronal populations, stereotaxic surgeries in rats for viral vector infusions (e.g. DREADDS) and cannula implantation, transgenic rat colony, microdialysis in freely moving rats, molecular assays for measuring protein and RNA expression in discrete brain regions, to rodent models of fear and anxiety.
• Work effectively with the Principal Investigator, and other lab personnel.
• Under the supervision of the PI and according to established protocols, perform routine laboratory work in an area of neuroscience. Responsibilities include the following:
o maintenance of transgenic rat colony, including breeding, weaning and genotyping
o immunohistochemistry (perfusions, slicing and staining of brain sections) and confocal microscopy
o stereotaxic surgeries in rats
o behavioral and in vivo microdialysis experiments in rats
o troubleshooting of new techniques/protocols in the laboratory
o collection and recording of research data
• Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience/biology/biochemistry.
• Must have experience with maintaining transgenic animal colony, breeding, weaning, genotyping and basic molecular biology techniques, PCR, immunohistochemistry and microscopy.
• Must have experience with handling rats or mice.

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Contract length:
2-3 years and more
Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science
Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology

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Joanna Dabrowska
3333 Green Bay Road, North Chicago, 60064

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