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Research Technician in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience in Brighton/UK

08 June 2018

Research Technician in Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience in Brighton/UK

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A position is available to support and develop cutting-edge methods and analytics in human neuroscience for researchers working on topics such as perception, memory, consciousness, affective neuroscience and addiction, typical and atypical neurodevelopment and ageing. The post-holder is expected to contribute to advanced programming for experimental studies (e.g. virtual reality) and advanced analytics (e.g. machine learning and neuroimaging pipelines). In addition, they will provide technical support for research in relevant projects, including psychophysiology, EEG and neuroimaging. The postholder should have both previous experience and an ongoing interest in human neuroscience and neuroimaging. The postholder would be immersed in a dynamic and supportive research culture across the university. They should be equally comfortable both working independently and working with others. A key part of the role is to facilitate the training and science of early career researchers (postdocs and PhD students) to develop their own skillsets, particularly in programming, enabling them to tackle more ambitious research questions and use novel approaches.
The postholder, employed within the School of Psychology, will facilitate the research of cognitive neuroscientists across Sussex Neuroscience: Sussex Neuroscience pursues basic, translational and clinical neuroscience within the context of a vibrant collaborative research culture across Schools and Departments of the University of Sussex. Human Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience benefits from extensive research facilities hosted across campus. For full details and how to apply see

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5 years, fixed term
University of Sussex
School of Psychology/ Sussex Neuroscience

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Ruth Staras
University of Sussex, JMS 3B30, Falmer, Brighton BN1 9QG

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