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Post-doctoral position in Cambridge/UK

09 July 2018

Post-doctoral position in Cambridge/UK

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Project: Hox genes and the diversification of neural networks

Applications are invited from highly motivated individuals who are interested in fundamental mechanisms of neuronal development. The postdoctoral Research Associate position is available to work with Dr. Jimena Berni and her group in the Department of Zoology, at the University of Cambridge. The position is funded for one year in the first instance, to start as soon as possible.
Our research focuses on the development of neural networks. Specifically, we work with the motor system of the Drosophila embryo and are investigating how Hox genes orchestrate the diversification of motor circuits during nervous system development. The overall aims of the project are: i) to investigate the regulation by Hox genes of segment specific morphologies in neuronal homologues; ii) to study the role of Hox genes for the specification of circuit function and for integration across different networks.
The project is being carried out in collaboration Prof. Jim Truman, Janelia Research Campus and Dr. Matthias Landgraf, University of Cambridge.

Candidates with experience working with Drosophila and a strong background in developmental biology, cell biology or neurobiology and a keen interest in developmental neuroscience are encouraged to apply. Expertise in genetics, imaging, behavioural experiments and/or molecular biology are desirable.
The successful candidate should be capable of working independently on this project, whilst integrated into an interactive and supportive research group. Enthusiasm, determination, creativity and rigor to work on this research project are essential.

Zoology is an interdisciplinary and welcoming department which provides an interactive environment with easy access to good core facilities. Please visit our website:

Application deadline: 16th of July 2018
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one year in the first instance
University of Cambridge

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Jimena Berni
Department of Zoology
University of Cambridge
Downing Street

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