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Post-doctoral position in Louisville, KY/USA

09 July 2018

Post-doctoral position in Louisville, KY/USA

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Louisville, KY/USA


The McGee Lab in the Department of Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology (ASNB) at the University of Louisville School of Medicine is recruiting a Postdoctoral Associate interested in prolonging or inducing critical period plasticity, understanding the maladaptive cortical circuit alterations associated with abnormal experience and/or genetic models of autism, and exploring molecular mechanisms to promote plasticity for therapeutic gain. Current projects explore the synaptic and circuit plasticity with mouse genetics, repeated in vivo calcium imaging, both in vivo and slice electrophysiology, and head-fixed behaviors.
Competitive candidates will be motivated to excel, intent on achieving scientific independence, and interested in chronic two-photon in vivo imaging and/or cell-attached/whole-cell electrophysiologic recordings. Some programming experience would be advantageous. Individuals that thrive on both individual challenges and broader collaborative efforts are encouraged to apply. For more information on our recent work, please visit, or see a recent publication in the June issue of Current Biology.
Interested candidates should email their CV together with a cover letter briefly describing their research accomplishments, interests, and future goals. Salary will conform to NIH scale.

The University of Louisville is an Affirmative Action, Equal Opportunity, Americans with Disabilities Employer, committed to community engagement and diversity, and in that spirit, seeks applications from a broad variety of candidates.

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University of Louisville School of Medicine
Anatomical Sciences and Neurobiology

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Aaron W McGee
511 S Floyd St
MDR 438
Louisville, KY, USA, 40202
+1 502 852 5180

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