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Post-doctoral position in Buffalo, NY/USA

20 September 2018

Post-doctoral position in Buffalo, NY/USA

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Buffalo, NY/USA


Neuropeptide research group seeks highly motivated personnel to engage in a multifaceted approach. The main aim of our laboratory is to elucidate the CNS role of a novel neuropeptide system. In partnership with medicinal chemists, novel tool compounds and potential drug-leads will be developed to both determine the therapeutic potential and to further understand the endogenous function of this novel system.

Ideal candidates will be highly motivated and able to:

1) contribute to existing programs as well as to develop their own research program.
2) prepare manuscripts for peer-reviewed journals and assist in grant writing.
3) communicate study results in a public setting, such as conferences.
4) provide work coordination to technicians and guidance to graduate students as needed.
5) work collaboratively in a team-oriented environment, conceptualizing and prioritizing objectives and exercising independent judgment.

Required Qualifications:

PhD in Neuroscience, Psychology, Pharmacology or related discipline.

Preferred Qualifications:
PhD with research experience in the handling and use of animals and histological techniques (e.g. immunohistochemistry) highly preferred. Experience and/or an interest in molecular methods and experience in small rodent surgical methods would be an advantage.

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University at Buffalo
Pharmacology and Toxicology

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Stewart Clark
Biomedical Research Building
University at Buffalo, SUNY
Buffalo, NY

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