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Ph.D. Student in Dresden/Germany

10 October 2018

Ph.D. Student in Dresden/Germany

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We are seeking an enthusiastic PhD student with a particular interest in neuroscience of auditory (speech) perception. The PhD position is part of the Chair of Cognitive and Clinical Neuroscience led by Prof. Dr. Katharina von Kriegstein at the TU Dresden, Germany. The position is funded by the ERC-project SENSOCOM (

The aim of the SENSOCOM project is to investigate the role of auditory and visual subcortical sensory structures in analysing human communication signals and to specify how their dysfunction contributes to human communication disorders such as developmental dyslexia. For examples of our work on these topics see von Kriegstein et al., 2008 Current Biology, Diaz et al., 2012 PNAS, Müller-Axt et al., 2017 Current Biology.

TU Dresden is one of eleven German Universities of Excellence and offers an interdisciplinary scientific environment. The Neuroimaging Centre at the TU Dresden ( has cutting-edge infrastructure with 3-Tesla MRI, MRI compatible headphones and eye-tracking, several EEG systems, a neurostimulation unit including neuronavigation, TMS and tDCS devices.

The PhD position is available at the next possible date. Subject to personal qualification, employees are remunerated according to salary group E 13 TV-L 50%. There will be the opportunity to participate in the TU Dresden graduate academy (

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TU Dresden

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Katharina von Kriegstein
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