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Post-doctoral position in Cambridge/UK

03 November 2018

Post-doctoral position in Cambridge/UK

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The CNS is responsive to an ever-changing environment. Studies of neural circuit plasticity focus almost exclusively on functional and structural changes of neuronal synapses. In recent years, however, myelin plasticity has emerged as a potential modulator of neuronal networks. Myelination of previously unmyelinated axons, and changes in the structure on already-myelinated axons can have large effects on the function of neuronal networks. It is conceivable that, as for in neuronal synapse plasticity, myelin changes are regulated by a change in the frequency of neuronal firing. However, to what extent myelin modifications occur in the adult, and the underlying mechanisms, are currently unclear.

We are looking for a motivated, and independent research associate with proactive and flexible attitude to work to join a European Research Council (ERC) funded research project to uncover to what extent myelin plasticity occurs and the mechanisms underlying it.

The Karadottir lab aims to understand (1) how neurons regulate oligodendrocyte progenitor cell differentiation throughout life in both health and disease; and (2) the effect myelin has on neuronal circuits.

The lab uses a combination of diverse approaches, including molecular, genetic, cellular, imaging, physiological and behavioural methods in order to achieve a detailed understanding of myelin plasticity.

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Closing date:
Contract length:
3 years in the first instance
University of Cambridge
Wellcome - MRC Stem Cell Institute

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Ragnhildur Thóra Káradóttir
Wellcome Trust - MRC Stem Cell Institute &
Dept. of Veterinary Medicine
University of Cambridge
Tennis Court Road

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