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Posdoctoral Scientist in Cellular and Synaptic Electrophysiology. Grade 7: £32,236 - £39,609 p.a. in Oxford/UK

07 November 2018

Posdoctoral Scientist in Cellular and Synaptic Electrophysiology. Grade 7: £32,236 - £39,609 p.a. in Oxford/UK

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A vacancy for a Postdoctoral Scientist to join the exploration of synaptic interactions of identified cortical neurons, with particular emphasis on GABAergic mechanisms in the human cerebral cortex. The diversity of GABAergic neurons in the human cortex remains to be defined and requires an understanding of their input/output relationships and the dynamic plasticity of their pre- and postsynaptic interactions with pyramidal cells and each other. Presynaptic modulatory receptor mechanisms are promising drug targets, but knowledge is sparse on their action on human cortical terminals. Multipatch recordings of synaptically connected neurons with pharmacological tests and analysis of signalling mechanisms and plasticity will lead to major insights. Experience in synaptic pharmacology, intracellular recording and microscopic analyses are essential. Experience in calcium and/or voltage sensitive dye imaging in vitro together with anatomical single cell analysis and quantitative methods would be advantages. Key duties of the post include: testing hypotheses and analysing data from in vitro electrophysiological recordings of visualised cortical neurons, reviewing, refining working hypotheses as appropriate and making discoveries. The successful candidate will have a relevant PhD/DPhil, or submitted her/his thesis for examination by the time of appointment, and manage their research and co-ordinating multiple aspects of work. Adapting and developing scientific techniques and experimental protocols using electrophysiological and microscopic instruments are necessary. The post holder will also provide guidance to less experienced members of the research group, including postdocs, research assistants, visitors, technicians, and PhD and project students. Evidence of designing summaries of research results, illustrations for papers and a proven ability to contribute ideas for research projects within the programme of cortical synaptic communication are necessary.

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Closing date:
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3 years
University of Oxford
Department of Pharmacology

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Peter Somogyi
Department of Pharmacology
University of Oxford
Oxford OX1 3QT

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