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Master Student / Trainee in Allschwil/Switzerland

09 November 2018

Master Student / Trainee in Allschwil/Switzerland

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The objective of these 9 months traineeship starting ideally in January 2019 is to set up new models of Parkinson’s disease in mice. The practical work will consist in stereotaxic surgery to inject adeno-associated virus or proteins in mouse brain, followed by motor testing to detect potential deficits and finally necropsy and ex vivo analysis based on immunohistochemistry and Western Blot.

Job Responsibilities
• Actively contribute to the design of experimental strategy to set up Parkinson disease model in mice
• perform stereotaxic surgery in mice
• participate to the documented selection of relevant motor tests for the model and perform the tests
• perform necropsy and sampling of relevant tissue (mainly brain), microdissection of specific brain regions may be needed
• carry out ex vivo analysis (mainly immunohistochemistry and western blot)
• responsible for the efficient planning, detailed analysis and accurate documentation of
experiments and presentation of results in a multidisciplinary environment

Candidate Requirements
• Master student or lab technician with BSc or MS looking for experience to complement his/her training
• recognized as an animal experimenter (LTK1 or equivalent)
• experience in in vivo neurobiology (rodents behavioral pharmacology, stereotaxic surgery) is considered a plus
• ability to plan, methodically perform, carefully analyze, accurately document experiments and present results
• scientifically curious, willingness to learn new techniques and skills
• flexible and motivated to work in a team
• excellent knowledge of English (verbal and written)
• good communication skills in a multicultural environment

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Contract length:
9 months
Idorsia Pharmaceuticals
CNS Pharmacology

Contact Information

Elodie Angot
Hegenheimermattweg 91
4123 Allschwil

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