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Post-doctoral position in stockholm/Sweden

27 November 2018

Post-doctoral position in stockholm/Sweden

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Postdoc In vivo manipulation of visuomotor neural circuits

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Scientist scholarship in the Kardamakis group to study the
neural mechanisms that link visual space perception to gaze motor action. 

One of our current aims is to unmask the role of neuronal subtypes in the superior colliculus (and connected cortical networks) that (re)shape the core spatiotemporal transformations of visual information used to guide orienting and avoidance movements, hence visual attention.

We are looking for an ambitious and creative postdoctoral researcher to interrogate the visuomotor
microcircuits in the mouse superior colliculus by using a) large-scale electrophysiological recordings of optotagged populations of intermediate/deep layer projection neurons and interneurons in head-free behaving animals during visual-guided motion, and b) optogenetic stimulation (activation and silencing, with focus on the neocortex and basal ganglia) during behaviour. We will be using a novel behavioural paradigm using advanced tracking systems coupled to custom-built virtual reality systems for the real-time circuit interrogation. 

Entry requirements
Applicants must have a Ph.D. degree in Neurophysiology (awarded no EARLIER than 2017), with a minimum of two first author publications.

Candidates should have:
A) documented expertise with extracellular recordings (tetrode or silicon probe) in head-free animals
B) experience with stereotaxic surgeries for targeted viral-vector injections
C) knowledge in computer programming (e.g. Matlab/Python/C++) for the analysis of neural data
D) Experience with mouse behaviour

Applicants can send a short cover letter and CV with contact information for two references to Dr. Andreas Kardamakis.

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Karolinska Institute

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Andreas Kardamakis

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