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Post-doctoral position in Oslo/Norway

27 November 2018

Post-doctoral position in Oslo/Norway

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Post-doctoral position in Oslo/Norway. Consciousness research.

A 2-year postdoc position is available in the Brain Signaling group (Dr. Johan F. Storm) at IMB, University of Oslo. The applicant will join a multidisciplinary and international team focusing on consciousness research in humans and rodents. A major goal is to gain a deeper understanding of brain mechanisms underlying conscious experience (Storm et al., 2017, J Neurosci., 1838-17.2017). To this end, the group uses electrophysiology (hdEEG, ERP, ECoG, LFP, and unit recordings) in humans and rodents in different states and levels of consciousness (wake, sleep, anesthesia, etc.), supplemented by patch clamp recordings in vivo and in vitro (rodent and human brain slices), and computational modelling.

The successful applicant for this postdoc position will work on consciousness research in humans, using mainly EEG, TMS, and MRI, and advanced analysis tools. The position is for 2 years and the start date should be between February and June 2019.

Job qualification:
Applicants must hold a PhD in neuroscience, basal or clinical neurophysiology, medicine, psychology, neurotechnology, physics, mathematics, or bioinformatics, and be proficient in spoken and written English. Interest in neuroscience and consciousness research, and experience with EEG, data analysis (e.g. MATLAB or Python), and are mandatory. Additional experience in EEG source-reconstruction, EMG, fMRI, TMS, or statistics, will be positively evaluated.

Applicants should send a brief cover letter about their research goals, together with curriculum vitae, publication list, and contact information of at least two reference persons. This email should be send to:
with Cc to:
Mark your e-mail «PostDoc Position 2» in the Subject field.

In addition, an official application should also be submitted here:

Job Information

Contract length:
(1-) 2 years (prolongation possible)
University of Oslo
Molecular Medicine (Physiology section), IMB

Contact Information

Johan Frederik Storm
IMB, Domus Medica, Sognsvannsveien 9, PB 1104 Blindern, 0317 Oslo, Norway.

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