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Post-doctoral position in Innsbruck/Austria

03 December 2018

Post-doctoral position in Innsbruck/Austria

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A position for a postdoctoral fellow is currently available at the Division of Physiology, Medical University of Innsbruck.
The position is funded by the national Austrian Science Funds FWF and supposed to explore neuronal networks in the prefrontal cortex with cutting edge electrophysiology including acute brain slice recordings and in vitro as well as in vivo optogenetics.
We offer a fully established lab with state of the art equipment, supportive working atmosphere and an inspiring scientific environment. Furthermore, support for career development, acquisition of external funding and for successful completion of the habilitation process will be offered as a future perspective.

Minimum qualifications:
•PhD/MD or similar advanced degree
•proven ability to plan and carry out experiments independently
•strong background in electrophysiology and molecular biology (qPCR, cloning, optogenetics, heterologous gene expression, in situ hybridization), viral vectors, non-coding RNAs and interest or experience in bioinformatics analyses of complex data sets
•ability to work in a team
•the successful candidate must be fluent in spoken and written English and German (B2 level) and have excellent verbal and written communication skills

Candidates should submit a brief description of their motivation and carreer goals, including full curriculum vitae and two references.

MUI places strong emphasis on gender equality and seeks to increase the proportional representation of women in this field. Thus applications from female scientists are welcome; suitably qualified women will be given preferential consideration .

Are you interested?

Please submit your application with two reference letters to; phone: +43-512-9003-70801

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Employment start date:
Medical University Innsbruck
Division of Physiology

Contact Information

Michaela Kress
Schöpfstrasse 41/EG

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