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Ph.D. Student in Innsbruck/Austria

10 January 2019

Ph.D. Student in Innsbruck/Austria

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Electrophysiology / Ion Channels / Neuroscience --

Project: Regulation of voltage-sensitivity of calcium channels. In nerve and muscle cells voltage-activated calcium channels control activity-dependent cell functions like muscle contraction and neurotransmitter secretion. Recently we described a novel molecular mechanism important for the regulation of voltage-sensitivity of CaV1.1 by alternative splicing. Here we will combine state-of-the-art protein structure modeling and site-directed mutagenesis with whole-cell and single-channel patch-clamp analysis to unravel the molecular mechanism by which the voltage-sensing domains of calcium channels determine their specific gating properties. --
Methods: Patch-clamp / voltage-clamp recording, fluorescent calcium recording, site-directed mutagenesis, reconstitution of null-mutant myotubes with recombinant CaV1 channels, immunofluorescence staining. --
References: Tuluc et al., Structure, 24:261-271, 2015; Tuluc et al., J. Gen. Physiology, 147:437-449, 2016; Flucher and Tuluc, J. Physiol., 595:1451-1463, 2017; Campiglio et al., PNAS, 115:1376-1381, 2018; Costè de Bagneaux et al., Channels, 12,249-261, 2018. --
Requirements: Master degree (or equivalent) and experience in electrophysiology techniques (path-clamp) --
Salary: According to FWF rates for PhD students, plus travel funds for international scientific meetings ( --
The successful candidate will be part of a highly active research group which is well integrated in the lively calcium channel research environment in Innsbruck, and participates in the doctoral program Calcium Channels in Excitable Cells (CaVX), as well as in the special research focus on Cell signaling in chronic CNS disorders, both funded by the Austrian Science Fund.

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Medical University Innsbruck
Department of Physiology and Medical Physics

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Bernhard Flucher
Medical University Innsbruck, Division of Physiology
Schöpfstraße 41, A-6020 Innsbruck, Austria

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