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Coordinator Software Technology (m/f/d) in Jülich/Germany

11 January 2019

Coordinator Software Technology (m/f/d) in Jülich/Germany

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- Development, maintenance, and distribution of the Elephant analysis software (
- Planning and coordination of software development for the Elephant software
- Development of solutions for software packaging to bundle individual resources, including cross-language components of the software and deployment on large systems
- Installation, provisioning, and adaptation of the software and matching environments on heterogeneous HPC systems
- Management of open-source software development cycles using suitable agile paradigms, and handling inquiries and contributions via issue systems and similar channels
- Review and evaluation of software contributions from a world-wide community with respect to scientific content, the code maturity, and the possibility to be integrated into the Elephant software
- Guidance and coordination of the code review process
- Co-design and dissemination of generic conceptual guidelines and project-specific implementations for scientific workflows, in close dialogue with scientists and developers and by incorporating current software developments
- Implementing library features and statistical analysis tools for neuronal data
- Parallelization of analysis codes using modern technologies
- Actively contacting and supporting method developers
- Maintenance of the software documentation and accompanying teaching material, including content for the presentation of the software on the web and on social media
- Representing the technology at scientific conferences, during educational courses, to the public, and within the framework of the EU Flagship Project “Human Brain Project”

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Limited until 31.03.2020 with possible longer-term prospects
Jülich Research Center
Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM)

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Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
52428 Jülich

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