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Ph.D. Student in Lausanne/Switzerland

05 February 2019

Ph.D. Student in Lausanne/Switzerland

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Institute of Information Systems at HES-SO in Valais and Foundation for the Blind in Lausanne (Switzerland) are looking for 1 PhD student and 1 RA/postdoc (open rank) interested in links between neuroscience, multisensory processes and (eye) health. Our project aims to asssess the potential of virtual reality games in the rehabilitation of the most common pediatric vision disorder - amblyopia ("lazy eye"). The recovery potential is assessed not only at the level of the usual, basic vision skills like visual acuity or 3D vision, but also at the level of functional "visual" skills, such as age-appropriate literacy skills like letter knowledge and reading speed/ comprehension. The project likewise aims to establish the role therein of multisensory selective attention systems , as studied with rigorous experimental paradigms combined with the advantages of EEG and electrical neuroimaging analyses (eg. Murray et al. 2008 BTOP; Tivadar & Murray 2018 ORM ). The project is well-suited for students interested in multisensory processing, attention, VR, games, pediatric brain plasticity and/or generally defined perception.

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12 months renewable
University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland
Institute of Information Systems

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Paul Matusz
Institute of Information Systems
Techno-Pôle 3
3960 Sierre

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