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Ph.D. Student in Lucca/Italy

18 February 2019

Ph.D. Student in Lucca/Italy

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2019/20 PhD Programs at the IMT School for Advanced Studies Lucca (, one of the six Schools of Excellence in Italy.

All admitted students pay no tuition fees, receive a monthly scholarship (1300€/month) and receive free room and board on campus for the duration of 4-year the program.

The "Cognitive, Computational and Social Neurosciences" track focuses on cognitive, computational and social neurosciences, and integrates basic neuroscience methods, including molecular biology and genetics, with traditional experimental psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Students will attend multiple courses, including fundamentals in cognitive psychology, behavioral and social neuroscience, neuropsychology, psychophysiology, neuroethics, neural basis of perception, neural basis of consciousness, philosophy of science, critical thinking, structural and functional neuroimaging, and basic/advanced methods for data analysis. In particular, the CCSN track is designed to train researchers who will contribute to knowledge in areas such as multisensory perception, supramodality and cross-modality; sleep and consciousness; action recognition and motor control; neuroplasticity and learning; organization of semantic concepts; neurolinguistics; social and antisocial behavior; decision-making processes in economics and financial environments; aesthetic perception. For conducting their experimental activities, students can rely on both in-house and outsourcing facilities. The School has a Cyberphysics Lab equipped for behavioral, psychophysics and EEG (64 and 256 channels amplifiers) research. Functional and structural MRI studies can be conducted at any of the partner MRI scanner sites in Pisa (1.5 and 7 Tesla) and Massa (3 Tesla); EEG and fMRI acquisition could be combined.

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4 years
IMT School For Advanced Studies Lucca

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Sara Olson
Piazza San Ponziano 6
Lucca, Italy 55100

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