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Postdoctoral Position in Neural Circuits & Sleep in Bern/Switzerland

15 March 2019

Postdoctoral Position in Neural Circuits & Sleep in Bern/Switzerland

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Postdoctoral Position in Neural Circuits & Sleep.

A postdoctoral position is available immediately in the lab of Prof. Antoine Adamantidis, at the University of Bern, to study the wiring, dynamics and plasticity of neural circuits substrate of sleep architecture and sleep functions.
We are seeking for a highly motivated electrophysiologist to contribute to our studies of the neural circuit mechanisms that support sleep-wake states and memory consolidation during sleep (see Nature 2007; Nat. Neurosci. 2013, 2016, 2018; and Science 2016). The funded project involves high density/multi-site unit recordings, cellular network activity imaging (i.e., calcium imaging) during sleep and sensory/cognitive behavior.
The Tidis Lab ( focuses on neural substrates of sleep states, sleep oscillations and sleep functions in mice using molecular tools, in vitro and in vivo electrophysiology, cell imaging technologies, optogenetics and behvioral phenotyping.
Requirements: We are seeking recent graduates with a PhD in system neuroscience, neuro-engineering, or other relevant field. Experience with signals analysis, calcium imaging and computer programming (Matlab, Spike, C++, etc.) will be an advantage.
To apply: Please send your application package (CV, letter describing your scientific interests, contact of three references) by email to Prof. Antoine Adamantidis ( or Claudia Wille (

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one year renewable.
University of Bern
Dept of Neurology

Contact Information

Antoine Adamantidis
Inselspital University Hospital Bern, Freigburgstrasse 18

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