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PhD or Postdoc in Geneva/Switzerland

09 April 2019

PhD or Postdoc in Geneva/Switzerland

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A Ph.D./postdoctoral research position is available in the laboratory of Prof. Alexandre Dayer at the University of Geneva Medical School to study at the single cell level the developmental trajectories of cortical interneurons subtypes in the mouse neocortex. Cortical microcircuit function relies on a large diversity of cortical GABAergic interneurons (INs). We have used in the lab single-cell transcriptomics (scRNAseq) to identify transcriptional networks operating in cortical PNs (Telley et al. Science 2016) and INs (Frazer et al. Nat Commun 2017) and have characterized the developmental trajectory of neurogliaform cells, a specific subtype of cortical INs (Niquille et al. eLife 2018).

You will be involved in a unique research program investigating how progenitor cells differentiate during cortical development and manipulate these programs at play in these cells. You will collect and capture single cells, perform single-cell RNA-seq and analyze the data. The qualified candidates should be highly motivated, independent and self-driven. This position requires strong knowledge in genomics technologies, confirmed skills in programming (R) and statistical analysis and an excellent written and oral communication level in English. Knowledge in developmental biology is desirable. Previous professional experience in Crisper-Cas9 editing and data analysis would also be highly appreciated.
Employment is expected to begin the second semester of 2019 and the exact start date is negotiable. The position is fixed-term for a minimum of 3 years and funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation. Salaries will be provided according to the guidelines of the University of Geneva. It starts at about 45K CHF /year for a Ph.D. student and 80K CHF/year for a postdoc.
Applications should be sent electronically (alexandre.dayer and include a CV with publication list, a statement of interest, and the names and email addresses of two potential referees.

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3 years
Geneva University
Basic neuroscience and psychiatry

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Prof. Alexandre Dayer
Department of basic neurosciences
University of Geneva
1 rue Michel-Servet
1211 Geneva, Switzerland

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