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Group Leader in Netherlands

09 April 2019

Group Leader in Netherlands

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Can you develop a productive and innovative research program and establish an independent research group through a combination of core funding and extramural funding? Can you complement our research program, which is dedicated to understanding the circuits of the brain? Would you enjoy working in close collaboration with other research groups at our institute? And do you have a clear vision on how to approach current challenges in neuroscience? Then this job may be for you.

We are looking for a candidate whose research fits with that of our current groups and who harmonizes with us by contributing conceptual and methodological bridges. If you are using innovative ways to analyze brain circuits at any level from synaptic plasticity to sensation and behavior, you could strengthen the institute’s portfolio. Our groups use state of the art electrophysiology, in vivo microscopy, transgenic and viral techniques, gene expression profiling as well as high-density EEG and 3T and 7T functional MRI. Ideal candidates are passionate about sharing these approaches and would contribute with their own excellence in, for example, computational, big data, molecular, cell biological or behavioral approaches.

You would have the following responsibilities:
Coordinate and conduct research in one of the above mentioned fields.- Acquire external research funding. - Mentor PhD students and postdocs. - Make an inspiring and complementary contribution to the NIN. - Actively collaborate with the diverse groups at the NIN.

- You preferably have obtained your PhD degree no longer than 10 years ago. We will deduct a 1.5 year period for each child when comparing productivity across candidates to account for the family investment involved in maternity. - You have an excellent and demonstrable track record in scientific research, and publications in relevant journals. - Experience in acquiring external funding for research. Read more:

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Based on seniority, the position is either tenure track with predefined evaluation criteria or tenured.

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Pieter Roelfsema
Meibergdreef 47
1105 BA Amsterdam
+31 20 566 5500

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