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Post-doctoral position in Umeå/Sweden

09 April 2019

Post-doctoral position in Umeå/Sweden

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A postdoctoral fellowship is available in the Sahlholm Laboratory. Our work focuses on the pharmacology and function of G protein coupled receptors (GPCRs) and the actions of neuropsychiatric drugs. We are looking for a postdoctoral candidate who will use in vivo behavioral assays, such as open field locomotion and prepulse inhibition, to study behavioral abnormalities in animal models of psychosis induced by psychotomimetic drugs and GPCR mutations, and the amelioration of these abnormalities by antipsychotics. Initially, while mice with the relevant receptor mutations are being generated, the successful applicant will collaborate with Per Petersson’s group, at the same department. The Petersson laboratory studies in vivo electrophysiology in conjunction with animal behavior to understand the mechanisms of action of psychotomimetic drugs, and will enable the postdoctoral researcher to familiarize with the above-mentioned behavioral paradigms. During this first phase of the work, the applicant will collaborate with other postdocs with experience in data analysis.

Individuals with a PhD are eligible to apply. Priority will be given to applicants who graduated within three years before the application deadline. If there are special reasons, the position may be offered to a candidate who has completed the doctorate earlier. Special grounds include leave of absence due to sickness, parental leave, clinical service, union duties, or other similar circumstances.

The fellow should have a PhD in a relevant area such as pharmacology, neuroscience, or behavioral science. Prior experience with behavioral assays and pharmacology will be positively evaluated. The successful candidate should be prepared to work with animals and be proficient in spoken and written English.
Please visit the following link for instructions on how to apply:

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Initially six months with possibility for extension up to two years.
Umeå University
Department of Integrative Medical Biology

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Kristoffer Sahlholm
Department of Integrative Medical Biology, Umeå University, 901 87 Umeå, Sweden
+46-73 023 1606

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