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Post-doctoral position in Lausanne/Switzerland

15 April 2019

Post-doctoral position in Lausanne/Switzerland

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Postdoc position in: Electrophysiological and opto/chemogenetic study of the role of astrocytes in memory-related circuit operations in brain slices and in vivo.
The ideal candidate will have background in synaptic physiology; will be a proficient electrophysiologist, will already have experience in opto/chemogenetics, viral injections, and, possibly, two-photon Ca2+ imaging. Knowledge of glial biology would be an important plus. She/he will work in a group of neurophysiologists and imaging specialists and will have access to 3 two-photon set-ups equipped for fast 3D imaging, localized opto/chemogenetics and electrophysiology, and to high-power image analysis workstations.
Research in our lab focuses on the active role of astrocytes in synaptic functions in physiology and disease (publications: Nat Neurosci, 2019 22: 154-166; Science, 2017 356,pii: eaai8185; Cell, 2015, 163: 1730-4; Nat Neurosci, 2011 14: 1276-84; Neuron, 2011 69: 988-1001). More information at the lab website.

The project aims at understanding the role of astrocytes in memory-related circuit operations and in cognitive behavior, focusing on the hippocampal perforant path (PP)-granule cell (GC) circuitry. GCs receive two functionally and anatomically distinct excitatory inputs from lateral (LPP) and medial perforant paths (MPP). We will address whether astrocytes are implicated in this circuit-specificity by selectively manipulating LPP, MPP fibers or astrocytes via opto/chemogenetic stimulations and combine 3D Ca2+ imaging, patch-clamp, field recordings and genetic/viral manipulation of astrocytic or synaptic signaling. The contribution of astrocytes to contextual memory will be studied by performing behavioral tests in mice with genetic/viral modification of astrocyte signaling pathways.

Applicants need to send detailed curriculum vitae, motivation letter and 3 reference letters to

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up to 5 years
University of Lausanne
Fundamental Neuroscience|volterra

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Andrea Volterra
Department of Fundamental Neuroscience
University of Lausanne, Rue du Bugnon 9, 1005 Lausanne, Switzerland

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