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Post-doctoral position in Geneva/Switzerland

18 April 2019

Post-doctoral position in Geneva/Switzerland

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We are inviting highly qualified and motivated candidates to apply for a 3-year postdoctoral position in the laboratory of Prof. Nathalie Ginovart. Our research focuses on the brain mechanisms leading to drug addiction and compulsive behaviours. More specifically, our lab is interested in understanding the personality traits and underlying neurochemical substrates that contribute to vulnerability to drug abuse.

The selected candidate will investigate the neural circuits and molecular basis underlying behavioural traits related to impulsivity and risky-decision making using cutting-edge approaches including opto/chemogenetics and in vivo molecular imaging. A major research focus of the postholder will be to take forward and develop a program of work to elucidate how dopamine receptors in the neural circuits of the basal ganglia control these traits in behaving rats. We expect the candidate to be capable of independently designing and executing targeted research experiments that further the project aims.

The ideal candidate should have a PhD in neuroscience or closely-related field, an excellent scientific track-record and strong english communication skills (both written and oral). Prior experience in opto/chemogenetics, viral injections, electrophysiology and animal behavior is essential. Experience with molecular imaging or neuropsychopharmacology is a plus.

The position is available for 3 years and will start on June 1st, 2019, or the soonest after that date.

Applicants should send their CV with a list of publications, statement of research and contact details for 3 references via email to

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Employment start date:
Contract length:
3 years
University of Geneva
Psychatry and Basic Neurosciences

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Nathalie Ginovart
Faculté de Médecine
Département de Neurosciences Fondamentales
Rue Michel Servet 1
1211 Genève
+41 22 379 5366

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