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Professor in Aarhus/Denmark

16 May 2019

Professor in Aarhus/Denmark

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Associate Professor in Translational PsychiatryTranslational

Neuropsychiatry Unit (TNU), Department of Clinical Medicine, Aarhus University invites applications for a position as Associate Professor in Translational Psychiatry as per 1 October 2019. The position is a permanent full-time position.

Your job responsibilities
As an associate professor in Translational Psychiatry, you will join a supportive environment designed to allow starting faculty to develop robust research programs. Here you will add to, extend and complement the research environment in TNU. You ensure that your teaching maintains a high academic and didactic standard. You possess excellent collaborative skills and a broad academic network, which you are able to bring into play in your contribution to the academic development of Aarhus University and its profile both nationally and internationally. 
Your main tasks will consist of:
• Research of high international quality, including publication in top international journals and communicating your research in national and international academic networks.
• Supervise graduate students and participate in daily teaching activities.
• Develop independent innovative externally funded research programs.
• Collaborate with Danish and international researchers.
• Supervision of PhD students and contributing to the development of the faculty's PhD courses.
• Involvement in assessment and committee work at Aarhus University.
We offer an attractive start package.
You will report to the Head of TNU, Professor Gregers Wegener.

5 July 2019

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Closing date:
Aarhus University
Department of Clinical Medicine

Contact Information

Gregers Wegener
Skovagervej 2, entrance 72
8240 Risskov - Denmark

Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit (TNU)
Department of Clinical Medicine,
Aarhus University

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