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Post-doctoral position in New Haven/USA

16 May 2019

Post-doctoral position in New Haven/USA

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New Haven/USA


Postdoctoral positions at Yale University to study neuronal ensemble coding.

Postdoctoral positions are immediately available to investigate the functional organization of neuronal ensembles in hippocampal-neocortical circuits. The laboratory is focused on understanding the emergence, development, and organization of cellular assemblies in the hippocampus and associated brain areas underlying representation of complex spatial and temporal features of the external world and memory formation. Studies are performed on freely-behaving rodents (mice and rats) using large-scale electrophysiologic recordings, optogenetics, and computational/quantitative analysis. For more information about the lab, including a list of recent publications, please visit
The ideal candidate would have a background in Neuroscience or related fields, a record of scientific productivity, good oral and written communication skills. Previous experience with single unit electrophysiology, optogenetics, quantitative data analysis, and computer programming is preferred.
To apply, please send a CV, a brief statement describing your research interests and relevant background, and contact information for 2-3 reference letters to:

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Yale University

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George Dragoi
300 George Street, New Haven, CT 06825, USA

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