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Ph.D. Student in Southampton/UK

14 June 2019

Ph.D. Student in Southampton/UK

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------ Maternal nutrition around conception induces offspring health risks: mechanistic study ---------

The applicant will develop a multidisciplinary project focused on early pregnancy physiology. The project will utilize an established mouse model to elucidate mechanisms how maternal dietary challenge around conception induces offspring health risks. Previously, we have shown that poor nutrition exclusively around conception can increase the long-term health risks in offspring, and early markers are detectable even prior to implantation. The aim of the current project is to elucidate underlying pathways involved in induction of short- and long-term consequences including neurophysiological alterations.

Regular meetings and workshops within the EU-funded DohART-NET International Training Network will supplement the training and support provided at University of Southampton. The successful candidate will also benefit from work secondments in the participating academic and industrial teams.

Salary Range: £36,958 (without family allowance) to £41,758 (with family allowance)

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PhD position ESR6

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3 years
University of Southampton

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Sandrine Willaime-Morawek
Southampton General Hospital, Tremona road
Southampton SO16 6YD

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