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PhD position in Heidelberg/Germany

08 July 2019

PhD position in Heidelberg/Germany

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Project Title: Functional and structural plasticity following spinal cord injury: contributions to chronic central neuropathic pain

The overarching goal of this project is to understand the underlying mechanisms that transpire after spinal cord injury that lead toward half of all spinal cord injury (SCI) patients suffering from neuropathic pain. We examine the structural changes observed after SCI and how they relate to pain profiles as well as what initiates these alterations. This continuation work is cited in our publications as well as listed methods below that will be utilized to provide novel targets of therapeutic potential.

We search for a M.Sc. student in molecular and cellular neuroscience, biochemistry, genetics or pain research to fill a TV-L salary scale, pay grade E13, up to 4 years to forge collaborative work within the Pain SfB1158 community and abroad along with interest in translational neuroscience. We provide an international working environment with English as the working language but recommend a background in German. Given the project it is important the student will obtain certification to work with animals (FELASA Cat. B) and have some experience in microscopy.

1. Sliwinski C, Nees TA, Puttagunta R, Weidner N, Blesch A. J Neurotrauma Sept 15; 35(18):2222-2238, 2018
2. Nees TA, Tappe-Theodor A, Sliwinski C, Motsch M, Rupp R, Kuner R, Weidner N, Blesch A. Pain 157 (3):687-697, 2016
3. Nees TA, Finnerup NB, Blesch A, Weidner N. Pain Mar; 158(3):371-376, 2017. Review.

Methods: Intersectional genetics, cell-specific ablations, use of reporter lines, monosynaptic tracing, tissue clearing and 3D microscope reconstruction, behavioural pain assessments and histology.

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Heidelberg University Hospital
Spinal Cord Injury Center

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Dr. Radhika Puttagunta
Spinal Cord Injury Center
Heidelberg University Hospital
Schlierbacher Landstr.200A
69118 Heidelberg

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