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PhD position in Heidelberg/Germany

11 July 2019

PhD position in Heidelberg/Germany

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Our laboratory works on elucidating mechanisms and circuits underlying chronic pain (see, for example, Tan et al. Nature Communications 2019; Tan et al. Nature Neuroscience 2017; Vicuna et al. Nature Medicine 2015; Kuner and Flor, Nature Reviews Neuroscience 2016). We are seeking PhD students in projects aimed at elucidating brain pathways and mechanisms involved in chronic pain in mouse models. Methods include viral-based circuit mapping, labelling cellular engrams, optogenetics, chemogenetics, in vivo multiphoton imaging, in vivo electrophysiology, neuromodulation and behavior.
One project is focused on understanding circuits mediating analgesia via brain stimulation approaches, such as transcranial magnetic stimulation, using transgenic mice and the above-described methods. Another involves in vivo recordings of brain oscillatory activity and addressing their relevance to pain chronicity. Moreover, projects addressing the cellular basis of specificity for pain versus pain-unrelated functions of the brain are planned.
Applicants must have a strong background and training in neuroscience, preferably at least 2 of the methods described above.

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Heidelberg University
Institute of Pharmacology

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Prof. Rohini Kuner
Institute of Pharmacology,
INF 366, Heidelberg University
69120 Heidelberg

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