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Post-doctoral position in Liege/Belgium

12 July 2019

Post-doctoral position in Liege/Belgium

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A postdoctoral position in stem cells and neurodevelopment is available for a highly motivated researcher to join the laboratory of Dr. Laurent NGUYEN at the GIGA-research Institute of the University of Liège.

The Nguyen lab studies the fundamental mechanisms that regulate cerebral cortex neurogenesis. Our team uses distinct animal models (mouse, fly) and a combination of genetic, molecular and cellular techniques to untangle the regulatory mechanisms of cerebral cortex neurogenesis and, to shed some light on the pathological mechanisms that affect neurogenesis in neurological disorders.

We are seeking a qualified scientist interested to join an EU-funded project (ERA-NET Neuron). The position offers excellent interdisciplinary training possibilities for which the applicant will combine transgenic mouse models and human organoids to study neurodevelopmental disorders.

We will only consider candidates with a strong background in neuroscience and an excellent track records of peer-reviewed publications. Prior experience in the area of brain development with skills in hiPSCs and human brain organoids is an asset.
The applicant should also have excellent organizational and communication skills (both oral and written) as well as the ability to work independently as well as cooperatively with a team.
Interested applicants should send a brief description of research interests, technical abilities, and CV, as well as contact information for three references to:

Some recent references of the Nguyen lab:
> Silva et al., Nature Rev Neurosci (2019), 20(6):318-329
> Silva et al., Cell (2018), 172(5): 1063-78
> Gladwyn-Ng et al., Nature Neuroscience (2018), 21(1):63-71

Job Information

Employment start date:
Contract length:
24 months
University of Liege
GIGA-Stem cells

Contact Information

Laurent Nguyen
GIGA-Stem Cells
15, Avenue Hippocrate - B36
CHU Sart-Tilman
4000 Liège Belgium

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