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Post-doctoral position in Lisbon/Portugal

31 July 2019

Post-doctoral position in Lisbon/Portugal

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Our lab is starting the recruitment of a PhD researcher to develop research work with the team of project EPIRaft - Contribution of the reorganization of membranes and lipid rafts for the pathophysiology of mesial temporal lobe epilepsy with hippocampal sclerosis (MTLE-HS), an interdisciplinary team comprising members from CQE and BioISI, Fac. Sciences, Univ. Lisbon, HSM, CHLN AND ICBAS, Univ. Porto. The work to develop aims to elucidate the alterations in synaptic lipid domains and their relevance to the pathophysiology of the MTLE by using biophysical methods and lipidomic analysis to determine the changes in synaptic lipid composition and in transport/intracellular traffic of different lipid species. The contract will last for 18 months, on an exclusive dedication basis. Salary level 33 in the single salary table (TRU) approved by Decreto-Regulamentar nº 11-A/2017, 29 November is 1500€. The desired profile of the candidate is that of a young doctoral researcher with no more than 10 years of post-doctoral experience, demonstrating high levels of organization and independence and preferably with experience in neurochemistry, biophysics or both. Proficiency in English, written and spoken is desired. Expressions of interest are accepted until the 31st September 2019 - email address:

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18 months
Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidade de Lisboa
BioISI - Biosystems and Integrative Sciences Institute

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Fac. Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa, Campo Grande, 16, C8, 8.5.34 1749-016 Lisboa, Portugal

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