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Ph.D. Student in San Juan de Alicante/Spain

16 September 2019

Ph.D. Student in San Juan de Alicante/Spain

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San Juan de Alicante/Spain


The Neurogenesis and Cortical Expansion Lab led by Víctor Borrell is seeking a highly motivated student to develop a PhD in our team at the Institute of Neuroscience in Alicante, Spain, a “Severo Ochoa Excellence Research Center”.

The project aims at understanding the genetic and epigenetic mechanisms governing the expansion and folding of the cerebral cortex during amniote evolution.

The predoctoral researcher will be involved in the bioinformatic analysis of high dimensional genomic datasets (RNA-seq, ChIP-seq, ATACseq, HiC, single cell RNA-seq), to elucidate the evolution of mechanisms regulating gene expression during embryonic development and relevant for the expansion and folding of the mammalian brain.

The candidate should have a strong background on the bioinformatic analysis of genome-wide datasets, programming skills (R, Python) and proficiency in statistics. Genuine interest for basic biomedical and interdisciplinary research will be valued, as interaction with wet-bench researchers in the lab is key for the success of this project.

The candidate will join a research team of three postdoctoral researchers, five PhD students and two technicians. The lab and the Institute of Neuroscience offers extensive networking and additional training opportunities.

• Llinares-Benadero C, Borrell V. “Deconstructing cerebral cortical folding: genetic, celular and mechanical determinants.” Nat Rev Neurosci 20:161-176 (2019)

• Cárdenas A. , Villalba A, De Juan Romero C, Picó E, Kyrousi C, Tzika AC, Tessier-Lavigne M, Ma L, Drukker M, Cappello S, Borrell V. “Evolution of cortical neurogenesis in amniotes controlled by Robo signaling levels.” Cell 174:590-606 (2018)

• De Juan Romero C, Bruder C, Tomasello U, Sanz-Anquela JM and Borrell V. “Discrete domains of gene expression in germinal layers distinguish the development of gyrencephaly” EMBO J 34:1859-1874 (2015)

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4 years
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
Institute of Neuroscience

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Victor Borrell
Av. Ramón Y Cajal S/n

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