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Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

09 October 2019

Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

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Approximately one third of the frontotemporal dementia (FTD) cases are characterized by tau inclusions. Despite a causal relation between tau pathology on one hand and neurodegeneration and clinical symptoms on the other, it is unknown how tau pathology causes neuronal dysfunction. Recently, we have developed the first in vitro FTD-tau model that shows a spectrum of tau pathology load and importantly GranuloVacuolar degeneration Bodies (GVBs). Using this model we could demonstrate that GVBs are lysosomal structures that are induced by intracellular tau pathology. We hypothesize that GVBs are induced as a protective lysosomal stress response of the neurons to developing tau pathology that presents a decision point in the pathogenesis. Our in vitro model presents a unique opportunity for further study of the role of GVBs in the transition of FTD-tau pathology to neurodegeneration. This project is aimed to characterize the mechanism of GVB formation and their role in neurodegeneration, ultimately to identify a target in the neurodegenerative pathway that underlies FTD-tau.

We are looking for a PhD candidate with a MSc in biomedical sciences or neurosciences with a strong background in cell and molecular biology. The candidate should be highly motivated to perform fundamental science applied to a clinical research problem.

For applying for this position, please see:, project number # 1391

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1 + 3 years
VU / VUmc
Section FGA / CNCR / ONWAR

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Els Borghols
De Boelelaan 1085

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