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Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

09 October 2019

Ph.D. Student in Amsterdam/Netherlands

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The project: Annotation and analysis of synaptic genes
Synapses are the computational units of the brain and synaptic dysregulation is central to many brain disorders (‘synaptopathies’). However, systematic analysis of synaptic genes is still far from complete. Together with the Broad Institute in Boston, the CNCR has recently established SynGO ( The first data set (on >1000 synaptic genes) was recently released and the first paper was published in the leading journal Neuron . This project aims to exploit this valuable resource for localization analyses and functional studies of synaptic proteins. Experiments on living neurons and brain tissue will be combined with in silico approaches in an iterative cycle. The project also involves integration of synapse data from the SynGO consortium and help organize its international meetings

Job description
As a PhD student your main tasks and responsabilities are:
• Localization analyses and functional studies of synaptic proteins using living neurons and brain tissue
• Integration of synapse data from the SynGO consortium
• Development of new analysis and presentation tools and in silico analyses of synaptic genes
• Add content to SynGO knowledgebase and guide researchers in the field to do so
• Publish analyses in the best peer-reviewed journals and provide progress reports to funding sources

For information and application for this position, please see:, project number # 1396

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1 + 3 years
Section FGA / CNCR / ONWAR / A-427

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Els Borghols
De Boelelaan 1085

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