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Post-doctoral position in Rochester/USA

09 October 2019

Post-doctoral position in Rochester/USA

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The gut microbiome laboratory at Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN seeks a highly motivated and creative postdoctoral research scientist with experience in gastrointestinal physiology, who is interested in investigating host-microbiome interactions. A successful applicant will have a PhD cellular physiology, neuroscience, molecular biology or a related field, a strong publication record, good command of written and spoken English and the ability to design and conduct experiments independently. The applicant should be comfortable handling animals and prior experience in techniques of cell and tissue physiology, molecular biology, immunocytochemistry, microscopy, and cell culture is preferred.
Our laboratory is interested in understanding the effect of microbe-host interactions on gastrointestinal physiology. We employ a combination of gnotobiotic models, targeted and non-targeted metabolomics, meta-transcriptomics and metagenomics in addition to in vitro and in vivo physiological methods. The fellow will join a dynamic multidisciplinary research group including members from the Enteric Neuroscience Program and the Center for Individualized Medicine Microbiome Program and have the opportunity to work with experts in cellular neuroscience, GI physiology, bioinformatics, in silico microbiome modeling, and optofluidics. The candidate will have the opportunity to integrate gnotobiotics, multi-omics platforms, cellular and in vivo physiology techniques, molecular and genetic microbiology tools, and advanced differential anaerobic culture techniques to determine the mechanisms underlying microbial modulation of host GI function. The candidate will contribute to development of new technical capabilities, participate in interdisciplinary lab meetings, and have the opportunity to present findings and local and national conferences. Additional information about the laboratory and research program is available at

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Mayo Clinic

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Martin Codagnone
Interested applicants should submit a cover letter, CV, and three references to

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