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Post-doctoral position in Bryan/USA

10 October 2019

Post-doctoral position in Bryan/USA

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• An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is immediately available to investigate synaptic and circuit mechanisms of drug and alcohol addiction. Research in the lab utilizes state-of-the-science technologies, including in vivo dual-channel optogenetic (see our recent paper , and chemogenetic manipulation of striatal neuron activities, fiber photometry, rabies-mediated brain-wide neuronal mapping, and FosTRAP approaches in combination with behavioral procedures (e.g., operant alcohol self-administration) and slices electrophysiology. We investigate how medium spiny neurons and cholinergic interneurons in the dorsomedial striatum of the basal ganglia circuitry contribute to alcohol, cocaine, and morphine abuse.
• We are seeking a highly-motivated behavioral scientist. The successful candidates are expect to have trackable records on operant self-administration, in vivo optogenetic stimulation, or fiber photometry measurement. Ability to stereotaxically infuse viruses in rats or mice is required. Experience with optogenetics, chemogenetics, immunohistochemistry, or confocal imaging is a big plus. The successful applicants are expected to have a recent PhD degree in neuroscience, strong communication skills and writing ability, a record of scientific productivity, and a desire to work independently and cooperatively with a team. The candidate will have opportunities to learn slice electrophysiology.
• Applicants with solid electrophysiology backgrounds and strong interests in using behavioral approaches are also welcome to apply. The successful candidates are expect to have proven proficiency in slice electrophysiology and will study circuit-specific alterations. Ability to measure glutamatergic plasticity in acute slices using whole-cell patch-clamp recording is desired. Experience with optogenetics, chemogenetics, immunohistochemistry, or confocal imaging is a big plus.

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Contract length:
3 year
Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Neuroscience and Experimental Therapeutics

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Jun Wang
8447 Riverside Pkwy
MREB Rm 2106

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