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Post-doctoral position in Brighton/UK

05 November 2019

Post-doctoral position in Brighton/UK

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Two post-doctoral positions in Sensory Neuroscience (zebrafish).

Positions funded by the Wellcome Trust are available in the laboratory of Leon Lagnado to study information processing in the visual system of zebrafish. Fluorescent reporters of neural activity will be used in conjunction with advanced imaging methods to investigate how the retinal output is generated and the subsequent processing of this output in visual centres of the brain. A number of projects are available but one aim will be to investigate how neuromodulators act on visual circuits to reconfigure signal flow.

We are a very active research group embedded in a strong research culture in which a number of other groups use imaging and electrophysiology to study neural circuits involved in sensory processing ( We are located in the vibrant city of Brighton and London is 1 hour away.

One post would suit a person with a background in the analysis of neural circuits. The second post would suit a person with skills in molecular biology.

Informal enquiries are encouraged and should be made to Leon Lagnado ( Further information on how to apply at:

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University of Sussex
Life Sciences

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Leon Lagnado
Sussex Neuroscience,
School of Life Sciences,
University of Sussex,
Brighton BN1 9QG, UK
+44 1273 877431

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