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Ph.D. Student in Hamburg/Germany

05 November 2019

Ph.D. Student in Hamburg/Germany

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We are looking for two doctoral researchers who are interested in working in one of the leading laboratories in the field of experimental stroke research at the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE), ranked as the second-best healthcare institution in Germany (Worldwide rank 26; The advertised positions offer the opportunity to participate in the DFG-funded research group "Immunostroke," or the European funded ERA-NET "MAgneTISe." The joint projects aim to investigate how immune cells and neurons interact in the area of the stroke lesion and how immune activity still affects regeneration in the late phase after the stroke. Although the infiltration of leukocytes into the ischemic brain is a long-known phenomenon in human strokes, the understanding of the role of this inflammatory reaction has recently changed considerably. The activation of the immune system is thought to play an essential role in the pathophysiology of stroke in all stages following cerebral ischemia, including long-term recovery processes. The analysis of the restructuring of neuronal networks after stroke using magnetic particle imaging (MPI), in vivo electrocorticography (ECoG), and calcium imaging will be one of the methodological focuses of this work. Additionally, next-generation sequencing of different cell populations, in particular neurons and endothelial cells, will be performed to understand the pathophysiological processes within these cell populations and to develop new therapeutic approaches. Immunology and neuroscience are among the research priorities of the UKE, and the various institutes and clinics are linked together with external partners in a competence network dealing with the research and treatment of inflammatory and infectious diseases. Applications should include a cover letter stating research interests and previous experience, a CV, and contact information of two referees.

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University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Department of Neurology, Hamburg
Department of Neurology

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Dr. Peter Ludewig and Prof. Dr. Tim Magnus
University Medical Center Hamburg- Eppendorf Department of Neurology Experimental Research in Stroke and Inflammation (ERSI) Neues Klinikum O10, 2. Stock Martinistr. 52 20246 Hamburg Further Information: DFG-funded research group "Immunostroke": ; MAgneTISe:

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