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Post-doctoral position in Birmingham/UK

27 November 2019

Post-doctoral position in Birmingham/UK

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We are seeking an enthusiastic Postdoctoral Research Associate (PDRA) to work on an EU-funded FET OPEN project entitled “Non-invasive dynamic neural control by laser-based technology (NEUROPA)”. The NEUROPA consortium aim is the development of a conceptually novel non-invasive light based approach of modulating long-term activity in cortico-sub-cortical networks implicated in specific brain disorders.

The research will be conducted in the School of Life and Health Sciences and in conjunction with the Optoelectronics & Biomedical Photonics Group, in the Aston Institute of Photonics Technologies, Aston University.

The PDRA will work in Dr.H.R.Parri research group and will conduct independent research into the functional effects of novel phytoptogenetic constructs on neuronal and synaptic signalling. The Parri group has an interest in control of neuronal activity and synaptic modulation, particularly by glial cells, and uses patch clamp, MEA and calcium imaging approaches in slice preparations and cultured neurons.

Applicants should have a PhD in Neuroscience or a related field, with experience of patch clamp/electrophysiological recordings, ideally with imaging and optogenetics.

You will become part of a team of researchers working on an H2020 funded programme grant, which involves collaboration with research teams across Europe.

For further information about this position, please contact Dr.Parri +44 (0)121 204 4049, (

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Until 31.12.2022.
Aston University, Birmingham.
School of Life and Health Sciences

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Rheinallt Parri
School of Life and Health Sciences
Aston University
B47 ET

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