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Post-doctoral position in STRASBOURG/France

27 November 2019

Post-doctoral position in STRASBOURG/France

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We are seeking to recruit a post-doctoral fellow with strong expertise in recordings and analyses of extracellular as well as oscillatory electrophysiological activities in freely-moving rodents. Our goal is to investigate the effects of ketamine treatment on network electrophysiological activity in a model of depression. This study is part of a project that includes both human and rodent studies, aiming at finding central and peripheral (blood) biomarkers of the response to ketamine as an anti-depressive therapeutical strategy. The position is funded for 2 years through a ERA-NET NEURON grant (NeuroMarket) starting in April 2020. All experiments will take place in the Adaptive and Cognitive Neurosciences Laboratory (LNCA) at the Strasbourg University. We are seeking a highly motivated person with a PhD in Neuroscience, either immediately after their PhD or no more than four years after. The project will be conducted within a stimulating, interdisciplinary, and international consortium. Please send your CV and two references to Lucas Lecourtier ( and Romain Goutagny (

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2 years
Université de Strasbourg
CNRS UMR 7364 - Neurosciences cognitives et adaptatives

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Lucas Lecourtier
Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Adaptatives, Faculté de Psychologie, 12 rue Goethe, 67000, Strasbourg.
+33 (0)3 68 85 18 96

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